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Harley Motorcycle Tours & Hire

King of the Road is Sydney’s premier chauffeured Harley motorcycle tour company using a wide range of beautifully maintained Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

We have a great range of their beautiful motorcycles and would love to give you the opportunity to experience this for yourself on one of our many chauffeured tours.

All of our riders are specially selected; they are businessmen who are glad of the opportunity to introduce others to the Harley-Davidson experience. They are authorised by the local authorities and are fully insured. We guarantee that our guests enjoy every minute of their King of the Road experience in safety and with peace of mind.

We welcome oversees and interstate visitors, what a terrific way to see the sights of Sydney. A chauffeured tour on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Feel the wind on your face and the rumble beneath you as you explore our wonderful city, or ride along our spectacular harbour foreshores and beaches. You might prefer a cruise through one of our picturesque National Parks, or up to the magnificent Blue Mountains on one of our all-day tours. We can also arrange a shuttle service from the airport or from venue to venue, we help you do it in style!

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company have been around since 1903 building motorcycles and providing people from all walks of life with a way of escaping the pressures of everyday life.

Haven’t you wondered what it is that attracts so many people to the lifestyle? Doesn’t the sound of the big thumping V Twin engine get your adrenaline pumping as it cruises past you ? Then this is your opportunity to experience it, go on – have a go!

Fully Accredited, Insured and Licenced Chauffeured Motorcycle Hire

NSW Dept of Transport Tour operator accreditation No MC-22116-00 Tourist services using motorcycles meeting accreditation standards of the NSW Passenger Transport ACT 1990.

  • Licensed to operate up to 70 bikes.

Tour Liability Insurance Policy No D246593601

To convey passengers for hire in NSW it is a requirement of the Department of Transport that riders be authorised. All King Of The Road riders are authorised and meet the below requirements.

  • They must have at least 6 years uninterrupted riding experience
  • Not less than 25 years old
  • Have passed a pillion riding test with a accredited operator
  • Have a good traffic record
  • Have passed a medical test
  • Understand the regulations related to the motorcycle tour industry and abide by them.

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Available for weddings, funerals, tours and many other occasions.

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